10 Simple Tips for a Successful Newborn Photo Session

Newborn photography sessions are the sweetest!  Seeing your sleepy little baby all curled up like they're in your belly is such a wonderful memory to capture and preserve.  They just grow so quickly!  Both of my children outgrew their newborn-sized clothes within a a few weeks.  Wah! Here are a few useful things to know… Continue reading 10 Simple Tips for a Successful Newborn Photo Session

Hadley’s Newborn Photos | Arlington, VA Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer Arlington VA

    While we've been waiting for this winter to go away, I've been having great fun photographing lots of newborns!  This little baby was such a joy... not only is she a complete beauty, her mother was my son's Kindergarten teacher!  It was so fun to work with her and her sweet family! The… Continue reading Hadley’s Newborn Photos | Arlington, VA Newborn Photographer

Baby Henrik’s newborn photos | Ashburn, VA Newborn Photographer

Newborn head propped up in hands ashburn va

So excited to have Baby Henrik in my newborn studio for his portraits a couple of weeks ago!  He was a beautiful 10 lb baby and only a week old.  I love all of his rolls!  He was a complete sweetheart! Kind of in love with my new macro lens!  🙂 Love these close up… Continue reading Baby Henrik’s newborn photos | Ashburn, VA Newborn Photographer

Late 2012 in Review – Newborn Photos

Hi!  Just a quick post to let you see what I was up to from about August through December (besides moving!).  These are just the highlights from the newborn photography sessions.  I'll be sharing some family photos soon, too! August: September: October: November: December: Yay!  Lots of babies!!!  I've added these photos and lots of… Continue reading Late 2012 in Review – Newborn Photos

Take it Easy

Oh my goodness, I am exhausted.  I have really been pushing myself lately.  I feel like each minute of every day has a scheduled item attached to it and any variance from that schedule causes me crazy stress. This afternoon, I decided to make myself a chai latte for a mid-day perk, but when I… Continue reading Take it Easy

Do the Jitterbug

I'm totally cracking up writing this post because my husband said I could "not write a blog about that song. It is absolutely ridiculous." Oh yeah?  Watch me! I don't think we actually had an official prom song, but I do remember that at least half of the people there went crazy and jumped onto… Continue reading Do the Jitterbug

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

For me, Christmas is about love, giving, life and birth.  So I thought it would be apropos to share with you these photos of Miss Ella Kennard, a little blessing from heaven that I met when she was a week and a half old.  She was born the day before Thanksgiving, and was the easiest… Continue reading Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Keep on the Sunny Side

Do you recall the movie Ghostbusters 2, where there was evil, pink slime running under the city making everyone grumpy, and the grumpier they got, the more slime there was? Sometimes I feel like I'm in that movie, but the slime is running under DC instead of New York.  It's hard to listen to the… Continue reading Keep on the Sunny Side