Thank you so much to all of my fans for helping me to reach and far surpass my goal of having 500 Facebook fans by February 5th!  At the time of writing this, I’m at 649 fans!  I couldn’t be more thrilled!  😀

I have two winners for free photo sessions!  The winning comments were chosen using the random.org random number generator.  There were 46 comments (plus 3 pingbacks, skipped and not included) and the winners made the 20th and 28th comments.  

Starting at the first comment made by Heather T., I counted down to the first winner who is… Wendi Mayhew!!!  I kept counting down to comment #28, and that winner is… Jen Clark!  🙂  Thank you so much!  I will send each of you an email so that we can coordinate our calendars for your sessions. 

Noone goes home empty-handed though!  Each person who entered will also receive an email from me within the next week with a $50 gift certificate toward your next session!  Woot! 

Also, keep an eye out on my Facebook for details on Cherry Blossom mini-sessions coming in March/April.  I’ll only have room for 4-5 sessions, so feel free to leave a comment or send me a note if you are interested, and I’ll send you a heads up once I post the details in a few weeks. 

Well, I can’t let this post go without adding a few photos!  Here are some photos that I took of the Newell family this fall.  🙂

Cute! 😀


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We seriously lucked out on Saturday.  I sat in the pouring rain on Saturday morning for my son’s first soccer game and thought, “Oh, man!  I bet the Moms on the Hill Family Fest this afternoon is going to be cancelled.”

My phone’s Weather Channel app predicted the likelihood of rain would only increase as the day went on.   I refreshed the map every 30 minutes and grew more impatient with the small block of rain that seemed to sit right on top of DC without moving.  And then, it moved!  At 1:30 pm the rain ceased, at 2, I hopped in my car, and at 2:30 the festival began!  The rain held off for the entire event, and promptly began again at 6pm as we were packing up.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful this event was, so I’ll have to show you in photos…

There were three bands!  First, “Awkward Silence”…

Then, “CrashChord”

Followed by “Free Lobster Buffet.” And of course, lots of fans enjoying the bands!

Between bands, there were plenty of other activities, including Hula Hoops…Even the parents joined in!

There was also face painting…

And those weren’t the only balloons!

I loved this double-sided chalkboard from Traditions Contracting, and so did kids of all ages.

There was plenty of yummy food to eat, like pizza!

One of the more popular activities was cupcake decorating, sponsored by Hello, Cupcake, a favorite Dupont Circle haunt of mine.

Or you could eat a ready-made one!

When the kids got good and sugar-crazed, they started dancing on and jumping off tables…

And running around the playground…
One of many exciting moments was when they announced the winner of the Grand Prize Baby contest!

Even the little Bjorn babies had fun!

It was a day of spending time with neighbors and making new friends.

I tell you, I was exhausted at the end of it.  This kid looks how I felt:

But I can’t wait till next year!   There are SO many more wonderful photos.  Check out the 6 and a half minute slideshow, or skip directly to the gallery.

Were you there?  What was your favorite part?

Summer Breeze

Summer is my very favorite season.  I love the sun, the heat, the vacations, the time with family, the walks to the park, the smell of sunscreen…  Okay, you get the picture.  Yesterday, it was near 90 degrees outside, today it was in the mid-60s.  😦

Since I love summer so much, you can imagine what my least favorite season is – fall.  Yup.  It’s the furthest possible season from my favorite.  Sure, there are some fun things thrown in there like Halloween and Thanksgiving.  The leaves are pretty and all, but it has a different air to it. Not as carefree as summer.

So I decided to pay tribute to my summer by showing you some family photos that I took, starting with my son’s graduation in June.

Next up, a quick stop in Richmond to see the family and take some photos of my niece in her recital outfit.  Our next stop was the Outer Banks for beach trip #1.  This one was with my in-laws.  Here Chase shares a yogurt smoothie with his cousin, and I can only imagine seeing a similar photo about 18 years from now with different beverages in their hands.  🙂Time for the siblings to play together, too. And the true blessing of spending time with grandparents.The Currituck lighthouse was a great mid-week stop.

Going home after a long day at the beach…Between that beach trip and the next, we had a family reunion (on my mother’s side) down in Richmond.

Oh, it’s time to go to the beach again?  Works for me!At the Virginia Beach pier in early August.

Only a week after spending the weekend at Virginia Beach with my family, we again packed up for a week with friends back in the Outer Banks.

Clara made some great buddies…Whoa!  Where is that girl’s father?!  🙂

One last shot of the ocean. (sigh…)Okay, we’re back home!  Only one more thing to do before Chase starts school, drive 45 minutes in a hurricane to celebrate my nephew’s birthday.  It was a great party and worth the trip.

And well, then school started (see last blog post)!  Goodbye my lovely, beautiful summer.  I will miss you!  Looking forward till we meet again.  Come soon!

Music to my eyes

When I was a music teacher, one of my favorite lessons was to play a short, one-minute piece of music for my students and then to have them draw an image of what they imagined in their heads while they listened to it.  I would replay it over and over so that their image would become more vibrant, and I loved looking over their art at the end of class to see how we each visualized the piece of music a little (or a lot) differently.

If we can form pictures in our head while we listen to music, doesn’t it make sense that a photo could do the same in reverse?

This blog will pay tribute to photos that play melodies in my head, both photos of my own and those of fellow photographers.  I hope that you will find the photos to be as inspiring as I do!

I consider myself primarily a photographer of babies, children and families, but I’m randomly going to start by sharing two photos of dogs.  I took these during a recent trip to the Outer Banks.

This is Bo.  He’s my BIL’s and SIL’s dog –  an English Lab with diabetes…  Only, we didn’t know he had diabetes when we were there, when I took this photo.  We thought he was simply thirsty and exhausted because he was playing in the ocean so much, when he’s typically, well, lazy.  Two weeks later, he went into diabetic shock.  No, don’t worry, he’s okay now!  But this photo sings differently to me now than it did when I took it.

Below, are Tucker and, to the right, is again Bo, who is getting some rum-&-coke-flavored ice cubes. 🙂

Two very different photos of the same subject, much like two melodies being played by the same instrument.  Do you hear their different tunes?

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to keep re-hashing the music metaphor with each post!)