The Most Underrated Season for Family Photos | Ashburn VA Family Photographer

Summer family photos in wildflowers Ashburn VA

I’m going to start this post by dropping a bit of “bad” news.  I’m fully booked for fall photo sessions.  It’s true.  I have nothing available from September through mid-November, but I’m not going to apologize or chastise you for waiting … Continue reading

A Willowsford, VA Family Photography Session

Willowsford Family Photography

When my husband and I first drove into Willowsford over two years ago, at the recommendation of some friends who knew we were house-hunting, we were both immediately smitten. Moving from Arlington to Ashburn, Virginia was a big change for … Continue reading

It all works out for the best | Loudoun County Family Photographer

Loudoun County photographer

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened. A child gets sick for their photography session, or the weather becomes horrible, or a baby is born earlier or later than planned, and we need to reschedule the photo session. … Continue reading

Jacob’s newborn portraits | Newborn photography in Ashburn, VA

newborn photographer ashburn va

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I’ve blogged! Well, I guess that in some ways shows how awesome the past two months have been! I’ve already photographed over 20 newborns this year in addition to many expectant moms … Continue reading

The Clarks | Ashburn, Virginia Family Photographer

Brambleton VA family photographer

Pulling these photos out of the September archives! When the Clarks asked me to photograph their family, I was elated! They are such fun neighbors and friends, and I adore their two little girls. But thirty minutes before session time, … Continue reading

The Signature Album | Ashburn, VA Family Photographer

Albums family photography ashburn va

One of my recent family photography session clients asked for more information on the albums I offer, so I thought it was just as easy to prepare a quick blog post to share with everyone! 🙂 Here’s a photo of … Continue reading

Late 2012 in Review – Family Photos

Photo of two boys sitting on pumpkins at a farm in Northern Virginia

I apologize in advance for the incredible number of photos in this gallery!  If you made me choose between doing newborn photography and family photography, I’m sure I couldn’t!  I just love them both so much! When I moved out … Continue reading

this little Light of mine | Northern Virginia Infant Photographer

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good…”

I am not sure how many of you have met the Light sisters.  If you have, then you’ll know that they are pretty, well, fantastic.   If you don’t know them, think of the most wonderful, fun, lovely, hilarious, thoughtful, beautiful person you know and multiply that person by three and you would be close.

I was blessed in life by growing up across the street from the four brightest balls of sunshine that have walked the Earth.  I cannot help but smile whenever I think about them and the years of good times that we have shared.  🙂

The best thing about wonderful people is that they have a tendency to make wonderful babies.  I was excited that Ann, the eldest of the Light sisters, and I were able to meet up again last weekend when she traveled up from Florida to our hometown of Mechanicsville, VA when I also was down visiting my mom for her birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!).  This was the first time I was able to meet Ann’s four-month-old son, Tripp.  What a sweetheart!  I am so in love with him.  He was making silly noises and funny faces the entire time.  We were all three totally cracking up!   I also love that Ann’s last name is now Green, so Tripp is a Green Light, which is just perfect!

We were in a little girl’s room at her mom’s house, and I thought the “Puppy Love” poster on the wall was too funny!  Decided to incorporate it….

We also went into their backyard to take some photos of Tripp outside!

Please note!  The above photo  is a composite of the two photos below.  If you try this at home, please never take your hands off of the bucket!

To watch Ann’s slideshow, click here!

Ann, I miss you already!  Hope to see you again soon!

What You Waiting For? | National Arboretum Family Photography

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about slowing down and enjoying life, how people are complaining too much about being “super busy” and “crazy busy.”  We’re losing focus and losing touch.  We’re trying to do everything and for what purpose?

I totally agree with those articles, and the idea of “slowing down” sounds so wonderful, but it also seems that slowing down goes against our very nature as Americans, perhaps as human beings.

When do I feel better?  After a full day of lounging about poolside or after a day of getting all of my chores checked off my list?  The latter, to be sure!  It just feels great to feel like I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish.  My house is clean, my fridge is full, my kids are in bed, my photos are edited, done. done. done. done. and done.

Yes, I want to take time to play with my children every day, and I do, but I also want to instill in them that if you have a dream, you must do everything you can to make that dream come true or it never will.  If you believe that the world must be a better place, you must make it so.  You must work hard.  And you must make the time to live, laugh and love and be in those moments with the same intensity with which you chase your dreams.  Only then will you really feel the joy in those moments because they are special,  maybe even a little rare, and you would have earned them.

I’m writing this not for you, but for me.  Every article I’ve read has seemed to have been directed at me, chiding me for the long hours spent editing and away from my family.  The guilt I’ve felt has been crushing.  But I’m alive, I’m human, and I’m an American, so I will pursue my dreams, I will be successful, and I will be a better mom and person for doing so.  No one I’ve ever admired could possibly be described as being really great at “slowing down.”   Heck, that’s what heaven is for.

Now, enough rambling… check out these photos of the Graham family!   I last photographed their family when Evan was four, and now he’s just finished Kindergarten and is off to first grade!  He is probably the easiest 6-year old I’ve ever photographed.

A few more photos of Evan and the rest of the Graham family are also on my Facebook page.  Please stop by to view them and click “Like” while you’re there.  Thank you!

Saturday in the Park | Arlington, VA Family Photographer

There’s no better compliment than having a past client ask me to take their family photos again!   So excited to work with the Gates family again!  Beautiful, happy children and super fun parents to go with them!  We had a blast (again!)!!

I took this photo about three minutes into the session.  I turned to Judit and Kevin (the parents) and laughingly said, “Okay, we’re done!”  Love this shot SO much!

But glad we didn’t stop because it just kept getting better…

Near the end of the session, an ice cream truck pulled up and we decided to go with it!

So much fun!  Thanks to the Gates Family!  I can’t wait till the next one!

Wanted to quickly remind everyone about my photo contest that runs through 7/3.  You still have lots of time to enter and you can vote daily!  For those of you who just had or will be having a session with me soon, you will get free photos on your wall – just for entering!