newborn infant baby photoshoot ashburn va

The Draw of Posed Newborn Photography

Ack!  It’s been 18 months since my last “full” blog post.  It’s just been one of those things I’ve let slide as I’ve focused on work and family, so here’s my end-of-year resolution to blog three times before 2019 (this being the first).

There are generally two types of newborn photographers – lifestyle and posed.  Lifestyle newborn photography focuses more on the interaction of the parents with the baby.  They’re usually relatively short sessions, involve only the use of a swaddle or blanket and maybe a headband or two for the baby, and are usually done in the family’s home with natural light.  On the other hand, posed newborn portrait sessions are generally done in a studio, take much longer, involve a multitude of props, and are harder to execute.  So why the heck do I prefer the latter?

I started out as a lifestyle photographer, photographing both families with older children and infants. About a year into my photography career, a friend asked me if I ever did “Anne Geddes“-style newborn photos.  I admitted I hadn’t, but that question sparked my curiosity and that spark soon turned into a little fire of passion in my heart that I could. not. stop.  I very quickly started working newborn poses into my lifestyle newborn sessions.  I would try just one or two poses each time, until eventually, I started to master them.

I amassed hundreds of newborn props.  In my collection, I have over 300 knit newborn hats, hundreds of blankets and swaddles in every color, and dozens of mostly-wooden props.

Now, my newborn photo sessions include around 15-20 minutes of family photos at the beginning, which can either be traditional posed using a backdrop or lifestyle photos in my all-white studio bedroom, and then the rest of the session is spent doing posed newborn portraits, usually around 10 different poses/setups during each session.

With posed newborn sessions, I really love how the baby becomes a work of art.  I spend so much time literally molding them into cute little shapes where their hands and feet (and even their little cheeks), are perfectly placed to show their newness and angelic beauty.  It becomes a zen-like experience for me, where my inner perfectionist comes out to play.  I really do giggle and smile throughout most of the session.  The babies are just SO cute!!!

Here are the different poses:

Traditional family portraits

newborn portraits northern virginia


Ashburn Fall newborn photoshoot

Lifestyle family portraits

Lifestyle and posed newborn photography Ashburn VAlifestyle newborn pictures lansdowne

Full swaddle

Posed newborn photoshoot landsdowne

Partial swaddle

Winter newborn pictures in Fairfax Virginia

After the partial swaddle, I capture all of those perfect little details with my macro lens

Newborn photos Ashburn VaNewborn macro photos northern virginianewborn portrait photography loudoun valley va


newborn portraits northern va

Tushie-up (this one is all about getting those cute back rolls!)

Leesburg winter newborn portrait photographer

Elbows out

Willowsford VA newborn photographer

Taco pose (the baby is folder over like a taco with their toes sticking out like the lettuce.. tee tee hee)

Winter newborn photographer in Ashburn VA


newborn infant baby photoshoot ashburn vaPosed newborn photography in Ashburn VA

Modified Froggy or Home Alone (as I’ve so dubbed it)

Newborn baby photography Willowsford VA

Huck Finn – I don’t often do this one, but it’s nice to have up my sleeve

Winter newborn photo shoot in Loudoun Virginia

Props –  There are way too many props to share all of the ways I can use them.  I have dozens and dozens of them!

Newborn photographer in Ashburn virginia sibling photosloudoun valley va newborn portrait studionewborn photo session landsdowne valeesburg va newborn picturesAshburn VA Winter newborn photos

I wish I could share more, but I really should have been in bed an hour ago!  Welcome back to blog-land for me!  Hope to post again later this month!  Come back soon!

If you’d like to reserve a newborn session with me, please contact me on my website.   I’m currently booking all 2019 dates!

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