Summer family photos in wildflowers Ashburn VA

The Most Underrated Season for Family Photos | Ashburn VA Family Photographer

I’m going to start this post by dropping a bit of “bad” news.  I’m fully booked for fall photo sessions.  It’s true.  I have nothing available from September through mid-November, but I’m not going to apologize or chastise you for waiting too long to schedule your family’s photo shoot because I have a little secret that you should know…

Summer is my favorite time for family photos!!  Yes, I’m totally serious.  Wait a sec, before you roll your eyes to think this is just a ploy for me to fill my remaining summer sessions (okay, it’s partially that, but bear with me here), just let me tell you why summer is my favorite and see if I can bring you around to the dark side.  (Oh lordy, we’ve been watching way too much Star Wars in our house).

  1. It’s not as hot as you think!
    We usually do the sessions either early in the morning or 90 minutes before sunset when the day is starting to cool down.
  2. Cuter (and easier) photo session clothes
    Sure, if you dress in a button-up and a sweater vest for your summer photos you’re going to get a little damp, but hopefully, you will buy yourselves some nice shorts, a cool shirt and some new flippy-floppies to complete the summer wardrobe ensemble.  And for all the ladies and girls, I have one word… SUNDRESSES!  The best!
  3. And the best reason yet – EVERYTHING is blooming!  There are flowers all around from mid-April to first frost (usually early/mid-October), and they’re ridiculously gorgeous in family photos.  Also, tall grasses lining the nature trails and tree-covered pathways… it’s absolutely beautiful around here in the summer!

Here are some photos from last summer by month…


Summer family photography Ashburn VASummer family photography Ashburn VAWildflower family photos ashburn VASummertime family photos in Ashburn VAFamily photography in Ashburn VAFamily photos in wildflowers Ashburn VABest family photos in Ashburn VA


Summer family photos in wildflowers Ashburn VAWildflower summer family photos in Ashburn VABest family portrait photography in Ashburn VA

(there were a lot of newborn photo sessions last July, too, but you get the idea!)


Summertime family photography in Ashburn Loudoun VASummertime maternity portraits Ashburn VASummertime family portraits Ashburn Loudoun VAFamily photos in the summer Ashburn VASummertime family photography Loudoun County VAFamily photography in Loudoun County VATwin family photography session Ashburn VAfamily photography in flowers Ashburn VA

Do you see what I mean?!  Complete awesomeness! In fact, when a local photographer and I did a family portrait exchange, and I could have chosen any month to do my family’s photos, what did I choose?  August!  Yep!

Are you ready to scoop up one of my remaining photo sessions?  Check out my availability here and then contact me to let me know which dates work best for your family’s photo session.  As of this writing, I still have two weekend sessions left in July! There are only three weekend sessions remaining for all of 2016!  So no more procrastinating… get on it!

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2 thoughts on “The Most Underrated Season for Family Photos | Ashburn VA Family Photographer”

  1. Gorgeous!! I LOVED the family photo in the red, white and blue! I would have never thought of that but it looks really good in a photo!!

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