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Newborn Portraits of Our New Dog (Oh Yes, I Did!) | Loudoun Newborn Photographer

Some good news to share!  We adopted a new dog, Minnie, a few weeks ago from a rescue organization called Paws for Seniors, a really wonderful non-profit group that places older dogs into homes (please go show them some love!).   Minnie is a 4-year-old Pekingese, but since Pekingese usually have long lives, I thought 4 wasn’t really so old, and bonus… she was already house- and crate-trained!

When I saw her profile on their website, I just knew she would be the perfect fit for our family!  The most important thing I wanted in a new dog was for it to be good with kids of all ages.  We have children in and out of our home all the time, and with my little clients coming in for photo sessions, I wanted to be sure she would give them a friendly welcome.

She’s SO amazing with children.  I mean, loves them!  It makes my heart so happy!  But on top of that, she’s also the calmest, most docile dog I’ve ever met.  She’s been with us a few weeks now, and I’ve heard her bark a total of three times.   She is fun, too, don’t get me wrong!  She loves to play fetch with her stuffed animals and play with her friend, Beau (a golden retriever), down the street.  But she’s also more than content to lay beside me while I work at my computer.

So here’s how this crazy photo session came about…  I was down in my studio to clean up from my session earlier in the day, and I took Minnie down with me because she cries like a baby when I leave her sight (aw, love!).  She was sitting nicely on the carpet when I saw that the wooden box I used for my last baby session was still set up.  My camera was right there, and the dog was right there, and I thought, “Hmm…I wonder if she would let me put her in that box for a few photos.”  I turned on the studio light, found a cute little baby hat, and put her in the box.  And this is what she did!

Loudoun Newborn Photography

So once we did that, I thought of the empty frame in my daughter’s bedroom that’s been sitting there for 2 years waiting for me to print a photo for it!  The frame is portait-orientation, so I turned my camera.


Bingo!  I ordered the print last night, and it will be under the Christmas tree for her!

So then, I started giggling and thought, what other newborn photos should I do?   I love doing close-ups of newborns’ features, so I threw on my macro and totally started giggling!


Ha!  Doesn’t it look like senior portraits?

This gorgeous angora bonnet is by Baby Le Cradle, by the way.  Show her some love, too!  I love, love, love her bonnets!  (And yes, I washed everything after this session!)

My husband says she looks like a seal… LOL!  You think?

(Free stock photo, used with permission)

Oh my gosh, so then I remembered the fun hat I have from Loopsy Daisy!  These are my favorite!!

Loudoun County newborn photographer

I’m kinda thinking if we could convince BBC to do another season of Downton Abbey that she could be hired with these headshots! Lady Grantham’s new pup… Ha!

Then I thought, “I wonder if she would let me swaddle her…”

Loudoun VA newborn photography

You guys!!!  I mean, look at her paws!!!!!! I just can’t.  I’m seriously getting tears in my eyes from giggling… this is just the cutest thing I ever seen!

But wait!!!

Loudoun Va newborn portraits

The happy yawn!!

And then…

loudoun county newborn portraits

Yes, she FELL ASLEEP!!  Like an honest-to-goodness newborn!  OH MY GOSH!  It was so hard not squealing and waking her up!  But now I can!  SQUEEEEEEE!  Hold on… I need to take a break for a sec.  I just…need a minute to recover over here.


Okay, I’m good.  Next, I decided to try a pink setup for her since she’s a girl, and I did have one more frame I could use in my daughter’s room…


Yes, you are seeing this correctly!  Those are her little paws sticking out!  One is under her chin coming out on our right, and the other is beside her face.  She did this pose all. by. herself!!!  Oh, and guess what?!

Yep, fell asleep again!  🙂   This adorable hat is also by Baby Le Cradle!

Okay, just one last one, baby girl!!


Merry Christmas, everyone!  😀

I hope Minnie and these photos have brought a smile to your face!  If so, please share this post and like my Facebook page!

2016 session dates are going fast!  Please contact me as soon as possible to scoop up the remaining dates!  Check out my availability here.

I’m located in Ashburn, VA and specialize in newborn, maternity and family photography.




9 thoughts on “Newborn Portraits of Our New Dog (Oh Yes, I Did!) | Loudoun Newborn Photographer”

  1. I’m gaga for these! Too precious. Was on the fence about including our dogs in our portraits with you next spring but after seeing you have a way with the pups, too…well, it’s a no-brainer 😉
    Happy holidays to you and yours!

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