The Truth Behind Before & After Photos | Ashburn, VA Family Photographer

Please don’t be fooled by before & after photos!

As your friendly neighborhood photographer, I feel it’s my responsibility to educate you on the power of good lighting!  These two photos were taken seconds apart (with my iPhone in the bathroom) – the only difference – I took two steps back into more flattering light.  These are completely unedited.

revealing truth behind before and after photos

No miracle pills or expensive beauty products.  I’m not saying those products don’t work, but be skeptical when you see before & after photos like these!  What to look for – shadows in the eyes means the light is high up and passing over the skin and creating shadows to show all of the flaws.  On the “after” side, the light in the eyes means the light is (at least somewhat) in front of the subject, filling in wrinkles and masking flaws.  Voila!   A 2 second makeover!!!

Want to look 10 years younger?  Find a photographer who knows her lighting!  🙂

As a side note, please do not think the above photos are reflective of my work!  I cringe!  Check out my Facebook page and my website to look through my portfolio!


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