I photographed a celebrity! (Leesburg, VA newborn photographer)

OMG, you guys!!  So you know how pretty much every industry has its own celebrities?  Like, Warren Buffet is a business-world celebrity, and Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef?   Well, the photography world has its own celebrities, too!  And on December 31st, one of them, Rachel Brenke, reached out to me asking for information for booking a newborn photography session!

We were in the midst of preparing breakfast at the time, and I picked up my phone to thumb through my emails and probably scared the bejeebus out of my hubby when I was like “Oh…my…gosh!  Rachel Brenke just emailed me!!”

He was also probably like, who’s Rachel Brenke?  So I promptly explained that she’s like the photography business guru.  She has a great blog and Facebook page (36,000+ fans!) that helps photographers run their businesses with ideas on marketing, contracts and legalese, work-life balance and more.  I’ve been following her blog for years, and on more than one occasion thought to myself, I would really love to meet this woman and become her new BFF because she always comes across as so fun-loving and kind!  But then she emailed MEEEE!!  Woweee!

So I dropped everything in the kitchen, right in the middle of breakfast prep, and ran over to my computer to start drafting a reply.  My hubby was deserted to continue breakfast prep without me and was only mildly irritated because he could tell how much I was freaking out (in a good way!).  Rachel emailed me back a couple more times that day with follow up questions, which totally had me jumping up and down!

That night was New Year’s Eve, and we had an impromptu NYE dinner party with neighbors, and I couldn’t resist telling them about it.  I was all, so I know she’s probably talking to lots of photographers, and I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but it would be so cool if she chose me!

By the 2nd, I hadn’t heard back so I did my usual follow-up (my unsolicited advice for the day: always follow up!!) and she booked her session that day!!  I couldn’t believe it!!

It had been a while since I’ve had butterflies before a session, but you’ve got to believe I did for hers!  Her little baby arrived on February 3rd, and she and her husband came by on the 9th for little Evelyn’s session.  It went so great!  Rachel was just as sweet in person as I’d always imagined, and little Evie didn’t make a peep.

Here are the photos!  Rachel also grabbed a few behind-the-scenes photos with her cell phone and sent them to me, so I’m going to share those with you, too!

Newborn photography Celebrity Northern Virginia Celebrity Newborn photography Northern Virginia

Newborn photos in Aldie VACelebrity newborn photographer Leesburg VA Celebrity newborn photographer Ashburn VA newborn photographer leesburg vaCelebrity newborn photos Northern Virginia  Newborn photographer leesburg va Newborn photographer ashburn va

Rachel had sent me a Pinboard for her session, so I used some of those photos as inspiration for props and poses.  I love getting inside my clients’ heads!

We had several email discussions about props and colors.  We decided to go with a white, pink and gray theme, which I LOVE (after all, they’re my business colors, too!).

Newborn portraits northern virginia

newborn photographer leesburg va

newborn photography ashburn va

newborn photographer in Leesburg VA

Crown by Handcrafted Crowns. White waterfall blanket by Baby le Cradle.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes for the above portraits!  It’s important to know that safety-conscious photographers use composited images in Photoshop to keep the baby safe.  I’d rather spend the time cloning a few wooden boards into the background than putting the baby in any danger.  Evie’s dad kept his hands on her the entire time!

Courtesy Rachel Brenke

Courtesy Rachel Brenke

Newborn portraits in Aldie VA

New Post — WordPress.com newborn photography in Aldie VA newborn photography in Aldie VA newborn photography in Ashburn VA newborn photography in Leesburg VA

newborn photographer in Leesburg VA

newborn portraits in Leesburg VA newborn portraits in Ashburn VA Newborn photographer in Ashburn VA

newborn portraits celebrity northern virginia newborn portraits northern virginia newborn portraits northern virginia

northern virginia celebrity newborn photographerleesburg va newborn photography studio

Another behind-the-scenes!  I’m lighting-obsessed!  I’ll move my softbox all around during the session to create the most flattering shadows.

courtesy Rachel Brenke

courtesy Rachel Brenke

aldie va newborn photography studio

aldie va newborn photography

I was honored to be the first photographer to use Baby Le Cradle’s new Angelina short set.  It looks GORGEOUS on Evie!

aldie va newborn photographer

aldie va newborn portraits newborn portraits leesburg va newborn portraits ashburn va

newborn photographer aldie va

Another fun behind-the-scenes!  Yes, I wear jeans in my 85 degree studio.  Crazy, I know!

courtesy Rachel Brenke

courtesy Rachel Brenke

The resulting image: newborn photography aldie va

I was soooo happy with how the session went!  I wasn’t as nervous about sending Rachel the photos as I thought I’d be.  I was so proud of them and hoped she would love them as much as I do!  She bought them all the same day I sent the gallery to her!  Yippee!!

There’s really no greater honor than having someone in your own field of work hire you to help them out.  I am so excited that Rachel is one of five talented photographers who have booked sessions with me in 2015!   And Rachel is bringing her oldest daughter back in a couple weeks to get some solo portraits of her as well!!  I’ll be sure to share one or two favorites on my Facebook page!

BTW, since I now have a handle on this whole “celebrity photographer” thing, someone please tell RGIII to contact me for his baby’s portraits!  I mean, he lives like only 15 minutes from me!  My husband thanks you… 🙂

Interested in scheduling with me, too?  I’m currently booking for mid-August and beyond.  I keep my availability updated on my website here.

If you like my work, please Like my Facebook page.  Thank you!!


5 thoughts on “I photographed a celebrity! (Leesburg, VA newborn photographer)

  1. First….congrats! I’m not surprised at all she picked you….you are awesome! Those pics are gorgeous. Such a beautiful family! The hat that looks like it has little bunny ears with the bow is so ridiculously cute!!!! Love them all!!

  2. Absolutely stunning…the baby, and your photography! I’ll one day be able to show some of the first pics you took as a photographer to my girls and say, “See these pictures girls? They were taken by celebrity photographer Rebecca Danzenbaker! She photographs all the famous people’s babies!” Congrats!

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