A Willowsford, VA Family Photography Session

When my husband and I first drove into Willowsford over two years ago, at the recommendation of some friends who knew we were house-hunting, we were both immediately smitten. Moving from Arlington to Ashburn, Virginia was a big change for our family (what do you mean there aren’t 3 Target stores within a 5 mile radius??), but it was also the best decision we ever made for our family… and for my photography business.

(Side note: I’m going to share some photos from a Willowsford family session here along the way!)

Willowsford Family Photographer

One of the many (many) things that drew me to this community was the commitment to conservation. There are miles of nature trails, wildflower fields, a winding stream throughout, and acres of land that are kept naturally beautiful. As a photographer, I am in heaven.

Leesburg Family Photographer

Throughout the year, and at different times of the day, you’ll find me out and about in my knee-high boots walking the trails to see what is blooming, where the best light is, and what trails need mowing and have been mowed (sometimes the mowing is helpful, other times it’s depressing when I see the beautiful tall grasses are gone). It’s also so great not having to worry about a dozen other photographers vying for the same spots or a lot of tourists in the background. At most, we’ll pass a few joggers or families walking their dogs on the trails. It makes for such a relaxing session!

aldie Family Photographer

Friends have asked me if I get tired of photographing the same locations over and over, but honestly, no. I love knowing where and when the light will be most flattering, what spots look the best, and confidently bringing my clients to those places.  Also, the scenery changes from day to day and week to week depending on the weather and time of year. Besides, every family is different, and despite the beautiful surroundings, the photos are about capturing each person at their best, not the scenery, so even though I do often go to the same places, the photos look different every time.

Ashburn Family Photographer

And the best part yet, since I don’t have to travel to a different location, my clients save money by doing their session here. Win win!

Arcola Family Photographer

Dulles Family Photographer

Here are some more photos from this family’s session in Willowsford!

Brambleton Family Photographer

Loudoun Family Photographer

Willowsford Family Photography

Loudoun Family Photography

Arcola Family Photography

Brambleton Family Photography

Ashburn Family Photography

Family Photographer in Willowsford

Family Photographer in Leesburg

Family Photographer in Ashburn

Family Photographer in Loudoun

Family Photographer in Aldie

family photos Willowsford

family photos leesburg

family photos Ashburn

family photos Loudoun

family photos brambleton

outside photos in ashburn

outside photos in loudoun


Interested in booking a session with me?  I’m currently scheduling for spring and summer of 2015 (I do not have any more Fall 2014 availability).  To give you an idea of timing, these photos were taken in early June of 2014.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience to get on my schedule.   The spring books very, very quickly!  Also, please note that I only do four weekend sessions a month.  Let me know when scheduling if you are available for a weekday morning session!

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Thanks for stopping by!

Becky Danzenbaker






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