Little Miss Annabelle | Ashburn, VA Newborn Photographer

Okay, I admit it, I am not very good at blogging.  I’ve just come to accept it as one of my faults, like my poor driving skills.  However, like driving, I do strive to get better and figured there’s no time like the present!  So I took a few minutes away from editing photos today to share this beautiful newborn photo session from wayyyy back in May with you.  I hope you’ll forgive me for keeping these photos from you for so long!  I mean, isn’t this family, and their little girl, just beautiful?!

Ashburn VA Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer Ashburn VA Newborn Photographer Ashburn Virginia Newborn photographer Ashburn Virginia Newborn photographer Ashburn Virginia

Most newborns do not have eyelashes, or else have really short ones.  Look at those spider legs!  Amazing!

ashburn va newborn photography newborn portraits ashburn va

The smiles get me every time.  Seriously, it’s kinda hard to hold the camera still because I get so happy to see the little babies burst into smile during their sleepy dreams. What do they dream about?

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This is her best little friend!  She could just tell when we put him up next to her, too!

newborn announcements ashburn va

It’s hard work being so darn cute!

ashburn va baby announcements

Oh, Miss Annabelle, be still my heart!  Thanks for being such a sweetie!  🙂

Hopefully, it won’t be another month before I blog.  Just like getting up and going to the gym, I just need to make myself do it!  If you want to be sure to see the next one, enter your email address in that box down there to the right or click to Like my Facebook page.  Thank you!


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