Maternity Photo Sessions – The 5 W’s | Chantilly, VA Maternity Photographer

Ever since Demi Moore bared (almost) all for the cover of Esquire Magazine in 1991, the popularity of maternity photography has skyrocketed.  Much like wedding photography, maternity photos capture the excitement, anticipation and beauty of a life-changing event.

If you’ve been thinking of having maternity photos taken, I’ve put together this guide to give you a little more information. The photos included are all from three maternity sessions I’ve done within the last few weeks that I’ve been wanting to share with you.  🙂

Maternity photographer Washington DC

1. Who should have maternity photos taken?  Maternity photos are perfect if you feel any of these:

  • amazement of the changes that your body is undergoing.
  • excitement to become a family.
  • pride in your growing belly.
  • a feeling of accomplishment after trying for so long to get pregnant.
  • a desire to record your family’s love and anticipation of your new arrival.

You do not need to look like a supermodel to have maternity photos taken.  This is the time of your life where you are expected and encouraged to put on weight and have voluptuous curves!  Embrace them!  A good photographer will know which angles and light are most flattering to moms-to-be and their beautiful bodies.

Maternity photographer Chantilly VA

2. So you’re a perfect fit!  What sort of photos are you looking for?  There are many different styles of maternity photos!  Have a consultation with your photographer (hopefully, that’s me!) to talk about whether you’re interested in photos with your spouse,  a family session, portraits and/or tasteful nudes.  Discuss locations, too, since that will also impact the feel of your photos.  Browse examples of other maternity photos for inspiration and let your photographer know why you like the ones you do.

Maternity photographer Chantilly VA

3. When should you have your photos taken?  A good time to have maternity photos taken is usually around your 30-35th weeks of pregnancy.  You are usually still pretty comfortable at this stage and will look definitively pregnant.  Miss the ideal window?  Not to worry!  I’ve also photographed women at 38 weeks pregnant.  If you’re still feeling good, go for it – your belly will look all the more amazing!

Maternity photographer DC

4. Not where, WEAR!  One of most frequent questions I get asked is “What should I wear?”  This will depend a lot on what you’d like to see in your photos, but the following tips usually apply to all sessions:

  • Wear form-fitting tops. A simple tank top and jeans are great for casual sessions. 
  • Solid colors work really well and never go out of style.  My favorite colors are neutrals and eye-matching colors, but go with colors that look good on you (I don’t own a single piece of lavender clothing for a reason!).  I’ve also photographed women wearing some lovely prints!  When in doubt, bring it with you, and we’ll talk over your wardrobe prior to your session.
  • If you’re not sure about nude maternity portraits but want to bare some skin, consider a lacy slip or a fancy bra and panty set.  Throw on some statement jewelry for a positively glamorous look!
  • Empire-waisted sun dresses and long skirts are other great options!

Maternity photographer Ashburn VA

5. Why should you take maternity portraits?  Assuming you live until you’re 80 and have two children along the way, you will only actually look pregnant for 0.6% of your life (it will feel much longer than that)!  It’s really only a hiccup of time, but what an amazing, momentous time to record – the nurturing of the little life growing inside of you.

Why choose me?  Schooled in portraiture, lighting and composition, I know how to take beautiful, flattering images that you will adore for the rest of your life, plus there’s the added bonus that I’m pretty fun to work with, too!  🙂

You will be able to share your photos with your child and say, “that was you growing inside my belly, and I loved you even then.”

Maternity photographer Chantilly VA

Oh, I’m going to add that 6th W – “HOW?”  Once a quarter, I hold maternity mini-sessions at NOVA Natural Birth Center in Chantilly, VA.  The next one is on Thursday, June 6th from 9am till 2pm.

You may be thinking, “A birthing center?  Like a hospital?!”  No, it’s not at all hospital-like… it’s gorgeous!  Their spacious rooms are decorated like 5-star hotels.  In fact, the photos of the woman in the pink slip and the family were taken there at the last mini-session.  Plus, there is a lovely tree-lined walk behind their building that we can use if the weather is nice.  You do not need to be a patient of theirs to have your photos taken there, either!  Finally, the session completely pays for itself!  Get more details here on my Facebook page.

Maternity photographer northern virginia

If that date or location doesn’t work for you, not to worry! We can schedule another time for your custom maternity photography session.  Contact me today and let’s start planning it!

Here are lots more photos from these three sessions!

Maternity photographer Sterling VA maternity photographer loudoun va maternity photographer fairfax va maternity photographer leesburg va maternity photographer manassas va maternity photographer mclean va maternity photographer south riding va family photographer loudoun va maternity photographer arlington va maternity photographer washington dc maternity photographer washington dc  maternity photographer ashburn va maternity photographer dulles va maternity photographer washington dc


You made it to the end!  If you found this post helpful and/or you like these maternity photos, please also “Like” my Facebook page.  Thanks ever so much!!!  🙂


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