Put Your Records On | Chantilly, VA Maternity Photographer

Sometimes we lose touch of who we are.  Life takes hold and puts us into a routine until we feel like cogs in a wheel instead of the trail-blazing, energetic, adventurous, dancing machines that we really are.  Well, for those out there feeling like a hamster in a cage, I hope these maternity photos of the lovely Mrs. R will inspire you!

She was timid in asking me to do nude maternity portraits of her, and I could tell she was a little nervous that day.  I couldn’t offer her a bottle of wine to calm those nerves like I’ve done in the boudoir sessions I’ve photographed, but she totally faced her fears and abandoned any insecurities.   What an incredible way for her to remember this pivotal point in her life!

I am so honored that she is allowing me to show these portraits of her.  She is gorgeous and has the most beautiful belly!

So what’s holding you back?  Go put your dancing shoes on!   Let’s live life a little and make some new memories today.  🙂


Rebecca Danzenbaker is a maternity, newborn and family photographer in Northern Virginia.  Please follow me on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Put Your Records On | Chantilly, VA Maternity Photographer

  1. I wish I looked half as beautiful when I was pregnant 🙂 There were so many bumps and dimples I wouldn’t let people photograph me clothed. She is stunning! Great pictures Becky!!

  2. She’s gorgeous! I hope that she can see it in these pictures too. How amazing is it that she has pictures that make her feel good at a time when so many of us feel uncertain of the “new” body we have?!

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