What You Waiting For? | National Arboretum Family Photography

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about slowing down and enjoying life, how people are complaining too much about being “super busy” and “crazy busy.”  We’re losing focus and losing touch.  We’re trying to do everything and for what purpose?

I totally agree with those articles, and the idea of “slowing down” sounds so wonderful, but it also seems that slowing down goes against our very nature as Americans, perhaps as human beings.

When do I feel better?  After a full day of lounging about poolside or after a day of getting all of my chores checked off my list?  The latter, to be sure!  It just feels great to feel like I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish.  My house is clean, my fridge is full, my kids are in bed, my photos are edited, done. done. done. done. and done.

Yes, I want to take time to play with my children every day, and I do, but I also want to instill in them that if you have a dream, you must do everything you can to make that dream come true or it never will.  If you believe that the world must be a better place, you must make it so.  You must work hard.  And you must make the time to live, laugh and love and be in those moments with the same intensity with which you chase your dreams.  Only then will you really feel the joy in those moments because they are special,  maybe even a little rare, and you would have earned them.

I’m writing this not for you, but for me.  Every article I’ve read has seemed to have been directed at me, chiding me for the long hours spent editing and away from my family.  The guilt I’ve felt has been crushing.  But I’m alive, I’m human, and I’m an American, so I will pursue my dreams, I will be successful, and I will be a better mom and person for doing so.  No one I’ve ever admired could possibly be described as being really great at “slowing down.”   Heck, that’s what heaven is for.

Now, enough rambling… check out these photos of the Graham family!   I last photographed their family when Evan was four, and now he’s just finished Kindergarten and is off to first grade!  He is probably the easiest 6-year old I’ve ever photographed.

A few more photos of Evan and the rest of the Graham family are also on my Facebook page.  Please stop by to view them and click “Like” while you’re there.  Thank you!

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