What a Wonderful World

I feel like I cry all the time now.  Granted, it happens more at a certain time of the month and likely my constant sleep-deficit contributes to it, but almost daily, I tear up a little.  I can probably trace it back to when I became pregnant for the first time.  That’s when life became a little more meaningful and all of my worries and stressors were multiplied.  I would be driving down the street and think, “What if my husband gets in an accident on the way home, and I’m left a widow and my children, fatherless.”  Or I’ll freak out over all of the things that I need to squeeze into a day or a week and become completely overwhelmed.  Or I’ll start to feel guilty for not being the Best Mom In The World for reason #3,454,234.

Those tears are pretty rare, though.  The ones that come more frequently are ones of happiness, wonder and gratitude.  I am one lucky woman.  I have THE Most Incredible Family and THE Most Incredible Friends a person could ask for, topped with a husband who guides and supports my decisions and helps me to stay grounded.

I saw an elderly couple walking down the street this weekend with canes in hand.  They were keeping slow, perfect step with one another, and I started imagining all of the things they must have lived through together.  How they probably had children and watched them grow up. .. the places they’ve seen and people they’ve met, the stories they could tell… I thought how much I would love to hear their story and how much I want to grow old alongside my husband.

None of us knows what tomorrow will bring, but I’m lucky that I get to record a bit of people’s pasts.  I am truly honored by the people who choose me to document a part of their history.   I imagine them showing their photos to their own children and grandchildren and telling stories about their families by remembering those perfect moments.  I count my clients and fans among my many blessings, and so I thought it was time that I say thank you!

This is my biggest contest yet!  I have partnered with two of my friends, who also run their own businesses, to bring you a prize package worth over $400!  But the best part is that you can win up to $100 in prints for a future OR a previous session just for entering and asking your friends to vote on your photo!

The details of the contest can be found on my Facebook page.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to my friends’ businesses.  My dear friend, Janelle Petti, has recently begun to sell Shaklee products.  I hadn’t even heard of Shaklee until a year ago (though they’ve been around for over 50 years), and I am now a huge fan of their products.  They are simply amazing!  My favorites are the Cinch shakes, which are just perfect for a quick, healthy and tasty breakfast when I’m running late in the morning, and their cleaning products, which are completely organic and are used in the White House.  My husband takes their vitamins and power drinks, which are also used by the US Olympic team.

Janelle will be contributing this $115 Get Clean Kit, which is one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things” and was featured on Rachel Ray.

Visit Janelle’s Shaklee store to learn more about the products.  I highly recommend the Shaklee membership, which gives you a great discount on products and a super sample pack of their stuff.

Another dear friend, Jen Kundrod, started a Mary Kay business last year and has been rocking it!  I have been to two Mary Kay parties, and was a little hesitant going into the first not knowing what to expect, but had a blast!  Jen will be giving away a $100 gift certificate for Mary Kay products as well as a pampering session for you and up to five of your friends.  You will love this!  It’s so rare to take time these days to have fun with your friends and feel beautiful, but we all work so hard and deserve it!  Please take a moment to visit her Facebook page and click “like” to stay in the know on her many specials.  You can also browse her store here: www.marykay.com/jenkundrod to plan out how you’ll spend your $100!

I will be giving away a $200 gift certificate to be used on prints and other products following your photography session.  But the best part is that everyone who enters is guaranteed to receive a $25 gift certificate from me ($35 if you enter a photo that I took of your family), plus you can add an additional $5 to that certificate for every 10 votes you get, up to a total value of $100!  The gift certificate can be used on a previous session, too! (current pricing applies)

So don’t delay!  Enter the contest and win all of these great prizes or, at a minimum, get a gift certificate to spend on prints that you can share with your family for generations to come.

Speaking of sharing photos, I’m way far behind on blogging my sessions, so look for another post, hopefully later this week, with some photos of the Gates family!


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