Flight of the Bumblebee

Those of you who read my blog often know that I’ve become a bit of a broken record (yes, that’s a pun) about how busy I’ve been.  So busy that, though I’ve been taking lots and lots of personal photos, I haven’t spent any time actually going through them.  So I spent Friday night doing just that.

It was really great to sit back and look at all of the photos I’ve been taking of my family and play around with some split-toning and color saturation effects.  Thought I’d share a few of my favorites since it’s so rare that I get to show my own family!

My two children, Chase and Clara, checking to see what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Clara under a cherry blossom tree this spring.

Clara trying to turn on the water fountain.

Chase and Clara notice their reflections in the water fountain.  I love how Mark is curled around the right side of them, too!

Clara after her first dance recital.  So cute!

My two favorite men. 🙂

Clara at swim class.  Chase is in the background with the teacher.

The first shot I took with my new camera when it arrived at the end of March!  That’s my dog, Treble.

And second shot with my new camera.  I love love love the full-frame sensor!

Lilac blooms in my back yard.  Still playing with the new cam.

Another flowering bush in my back yard (have no idea what it is called, but I love how the light was skimming over the flowers!).

Chase being his usual silly self!

And more photo fun with the soccer net!

Despite being so busy, I’m glad that I’ve still taken the time to record what we’ve been up to.  What great memories!


3 thoughts on “Flight of the Bumblebee

  1. Becky, I want to cry looking at these! They are all so beautiful! I’m so glad you captured all those memories, especially the everyday ones 🙂 Keep up the fantabulous work girl!!

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