Take it Easy

Oh my goodness, I am exhausted.  I have really been pushing myself lately.  I feel like each minute of every day has a scheduled item attached to it and any variance from that schedule causes me crazy stress.

This afternoon, I decided to make myself a chai latte for a mid-day perk, but when I pulled the steaming mug from the microwave, it struck the lip of the turntable, and it spilled all over my face, my clothes, and my kitchen.  After thinking a few curse words, I set about cleaning up the kitchen, all the while thinking, “I really don’t have time for this!”

Since I have been so busy lately, I’ve come up with this thing where, when I feel like something has gone wrong, I try to find some good in it.  I mean, otherwise, I’ll just sit there and cry (and I’ve done my share of that, too).  So today, as I was cleaning the sticky chai from the floor with my Method lavender all-purpose spray, I thought, “Well, hey, at least my kitchen smells good now!” It was something!  I also took about 30 seconds in the shower to just love the warm water.

Here is my real escape… sleeping babies.  You cannot look at a sleeping baby and not feel a little bit relaxed, right?

Here are some from a recent session with beautiful little Alina, only a week old!

I feel better already!  I hope the rest of your week is perfectly relaxing (mine, too). We deserve it, don’t we?!


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