You're my inspiration

A random, but true, fact is that both of my sisters and my mom (all equally conservative with their money and not who you might consider “gamblers”) have won $1000 each on Wheel of Fortune slots in Vegas. I’ve been in Las Vegas for six days this week, and I totally just blew that out of the water. I’m attending  a photography convention this week, WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), and have been in classes for five and a half days listening to amazing photographers like Jerry Ghionis, Elizabeth Messina, and Sue Bryce teach us how and why they do what they do. It’s like winning the lottery to me. I cannot convey how inspired and excited I am to get back home to work on my photos of the newborn I photographed last weekend, how much I am looking forward to my next photography sessions, and how much more I believe in myself and my work. I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

After my family and friends, the two things that I love most are photography and learning, so putting those two together makes me a kid in a candy store. I wish you could see how many pages of notes I took or know how much time I spent reviewing the conference schedule to pick out the classes I was going to attend! I was a total geek this week, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I spent so much time engaged in the learning, that I barely took out my camera, but here are a few photos that I took.

My badge for the week.  It’s cool to be an “owner and photographer.”  🙂

In the expo, they had crazy zoom lenses that you could test out.  I admit to having a little bit of paparazzi-envy when looking at this amazing equipment.

This was the Zenfolio booth, which was one of at least a dozen that brought in photographers to teach during expo hours.  I went from booth to booth soaking up information, in addition to the many classes I attended!

While at the Zenfolio booth, I saw that their new marketing piece has a screenshot of my website on it!  (bottom left on above photo)

Inside their marketing booklet was another screenshot from my site – a photo of me from my “About” page (middle screenshot above)!  I’m famous!  🙂

That was the view on my walk home from my classes every evening.  I could barely stay awake at dinner, I was so exhausted, but I bounded out of bed at 6am each morning excited for the day ahead.

The view from my hotel room.  Despite the color cast, this fun photo is not photoshopped.  The glass on our windows had a gold reflective filter on the outside which turned the sky this wonderful turquoise color.  I love how it looks so retro Vegas!

Excited to come home to my family!  Next week, I’ll be posting some baby photos!  Yay!


3 thoughts on “You're my inspiration

  1. I’m am so Jealous of you going to WPPI Vegas, Inspired by your work, Grateful to have a Talented Photographer like you in our family, & Thrilled to see your next pieces! You “Do good work”!

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