Red Red Wine

I love wine, but it doesn’t much like me.  So when I first learned that our good friend, John Michael, was organizing a day trip to some Virginia vineyards, I had three rapid-fire thoughts – 1. That sounds like fun!  2. Maybe I shouldn’t go, what would I do while everyone else is tasting wine?  3. Ooh, I’ll bring my camera!  And so, it was decided that I would go. 

I also decided that I would remove the lens that I keep on my camera 99.9% of the time (50mm 1.4) and shake the dust off some of my other lenses to unleash my creativity. 

I started with my basic zoom lens (28-135mm 3.5/5.6) at our first stop, Breaux. 


It’s a slow lens, so you get more motion blur, but sometimes I love the effect, like in the above. 

So that was fun, but not dramatically different from my 50 except for the slowness… so I decided to go crazy and put on my Lens Baby.  It is a tilt-shift lens and manual focus only.  I use it very rarely since I usually photograph children, and they don’t have the patience to wait for me to first, swivel and second, focus the sweet spot.  However, the blurry effect is cool, so it’s fun to get it out every now and then.

That was the last shot of Breaux.  Mark said that they had the best wine of the three (of course, he probably wasn’t able to tell red from white by the third stop!)  🙂

Up next, was Notavita only a hop, skip, and a jump from Breaux.  I started by taking more photos with the Lens Baby.

However, I quickly ran back to the bus to grab my wide-angle lens to capture some of the beautiful symmetry of the Notavita tasting room.

That last one was taken by the bartender…. that’s me over to the right.  🙂  I liked this place the best.  It had a really great atmosphere.

We made one more stop at North Gate (is it just me, or does that sound like the name of a cemetary?).  I left my wide-angle on and the other lenses on the bus, where I couldn’t get to them. 

By this point, I decided that I needed to be a little more social and put down my camera, so limited photos from this stop. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little adventure as much as I did!  Thank you, John Michael, for a wonderful day.  It was great to have time away with my husband and without the kids.  Sure, I had no wine, but also no whining, so bonus!


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