I Can See Clearly Now

It rained for two straight days this week.  In many ways, the rain is a blessing, and on that point, I am grateful.  Still, it’s no fun when you’re running errands with children, and the drops are so heavy and frequent that they start seeping through your umbrella and falling onto your head.  It’s a metaphor for life in some ways – we get some rainy days, trudge through them as best we can, and feel super relieved every time we come Home.

Without the cold and rain, we probably wouldn’t appreciate those perfectly beautiful days… like this one back in November with the equally beautiful Fischer family – my neighbors and friends.  The bad thing about this session is that I have no idea how the heck I am going to choose which of these gorgeous photos to add to my portfolio!

If you have an opinion on the matter (your vote for which photo(s) should go into my portfolio), please leave a comment below!


6 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. I love the family photo!!! I love the youngest with her hands on her face!! Too cute! Your pictures are awesome and always bring a smile to my face! You always capture such amazing moments!! You are so talented:)

    • Thank you! I love that one, too! I think I will find a place for the family photo and the one of Ava and her brother on the rock. 🙂

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