This is Halloween

I have to admit it. Halloween had long lost is lustre for me until a few years ago.  I think it’s because from about age 12, I could never really think of a good costume.  I’m serious!  It seemed like everyone else’s were way more creative than mine, and I always felt like I ended up as a cliche.

My feelings have since changed.  I don’t have the pressure to dress up anymore (though still jealous of the parents who do!), but I get to have fun watching my kids decide what they want to be.  And there’s just not much cuter than seeing kids dress up!

I thought I’d relive a couple of past Halloweens here and finish with a few photos I took last weekend with Aimee and Mark Wells and their two boys, Ben and Luke.

Let’s start two years ago… Halloween 2009…

That’s my nephew Connor on the left.  How cute!  Ashby, my niece, is being hugged by my other niece, Cameron, the cat.  Love them!

Thought you’d want a better view of that chicken costume.  It’s too much!!  🙂

Below, is my nephew, Kasey, holding my daughter, Clara, the bumblebee.

But that is my favorite shot of the day!  My son, Chase, with his cousin, Kasey.  It warms my heart that they’re such good friends.

On to 2010…

The people at my office will recognize that one!  It was my computer’s desktop photo for almost a year!

This one of my daughter just so brilliantly captures her personality.  Last year’s Halloween was important to me because I knew it was the last year I would be able to pick out her costume.  I decided to go with a little lamb since there were years of princesses, witches and fairies to come.

I. Loved. That. Costume.  🙂

Chase’s I didn’t choose.  He was obsessed with Lightning McQueen at the time, so he was part of the his pit stop crew.

“McQueen, come into the pit after your next lap!”  (I have no idea if this is what pit crews actually say, but we pretended it was.)

This year, Chase will be Finn McMissile from Cars 2.  (It’s kinda nice to know he hasn’t changed that much this year!)  Clara will be Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.  I will be sure to share some photos with you!

Here are some really cute photos I took of the Wells’ boys this weekend when we sat on their front stoop after a run around the park.  Loving all of the pumpkins!

I’ll be posting more of their photos in a Facebook gallery in a few days, so be on the lookout!  Some of them gave me chills.  They are so lovely!

Before you leave, post a comment for me of what you or your kids are going to be for Halloween.  Would love to live vicariously through my wickedly creative friends!

UPDATE:  Here are some photos of my children from this Halloween!

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