Keep on the Sunny Side

Do you recall the movie Ghostbusters 2, where there was evil, pink slime running under the city making everyone grumpy, and the grumpier they got, the more slime there was?

Sometimes I feel like I’m in that movie, but the slime is running under DC instead of New York.  It’s hard to listen to the news these days (especially in this town, where 75% of the stories are about politics) and not get a little, well, pissy.  After a while, all of the negativity starts seeping into your pores, and you grunt about and complain about more and more until you just feel angry for no reason.

This isn’t a post about politics, it’s about that feeling.  I’m here to sing you out of it.  Remember that tune from the movie, “Your love keeps lifting me, keeps on lifting me, lifting me higher and higher” that counteracted the pink slime?   Well, I do believe that we need some good news in our lives to counteract all of that crazy.  So here is your lift for the week…  Baby Walker Anderson.
He was only two weeks old when I photographed him last weekend!

Excited to use my new basket and blanket!

Even more excited to use my new hats from SimplyBasicDesigns on Etsy!  I’ve had my eye on this blue one for almost a year.

Oh, how I love when babies smile in their sleep!

Simply cute!

This is Walker’s clothes hamper made photo prop!

My favorite of the day!  I just love his little hands!

I hope these brought a smile to your day and help to snap you out of your pink slime-induced funk.  If you want to get a weekly dose of sunshine sent straight to your inbox, please sign up to receive my blog via email newsletter on right side the Home page.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Keep on the Sunny Side

  1. Well done Becky!!! His sweetness made my day!!! I especially love the one of him in the brown wrap and the last one that you posted!!!!!

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