A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We seriously lucked out on Saturday.  I sat in the pouring rain on Saturday morning for my son’s first soccer game and thought, “Oh, man!  I bet the Moms on the Hill Family Fest this afternoon is going to be cancelled.”

My phone’s Weather Channel app predicted the likelihood of rain would only increase as the day went on.   I refreshed the map every 30 minutes and grew more impatient with the small block of rain that seemed to sit right on top of DC without moving.  And then, it moved!  At 1:30 pm the rain ceased, at 2, I hopped in my car, and at 2:30 the festival began!  The rain held off for the entire event, and promptly began again at 6pm as we were packing up.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful this event was, so I’ll have to show you in photos…

There were three bands!  First, “Awkward Silence”…

Then, “CrashChord”

Followed by “Free Lobster Buffet.” And of course, lots of fans enjoying the bands!

Between bands, there were plenty of other activities, including Hula Hoops…Even the parents joined in!

There was also face painting…

And those weren’t the only balloons!

I loved this double-sided chalkboard from Traditions Contracting, and so did kids of all ages.

There was plenty of yummy food to eat, like pizza!

One of the more popular activities was cupcake decorating, sponsored by Hello, Cupcake, a favorite Dupont Circle haunt of mine.

Or you could eat a ready-made one!

When the kids got good and sugar-crazed, they started dancing on and jumping off tables…

And running around the playground…
One of many exciting moments was when they announced the winner of the Grand Prize Baby contest!

Even the little Bjorn babies had fun!

It was a day of spending time with neighbors and making new friends.

I tell you, I was exhausted at the end of it.  This kid looks how I felt:

But I can’t wait till next year!   There are SO many more wonderful photos.  Check out the 6 and a half minute slideshow, or skip directly to the gallery.

Were you there?  What was your favorite part?


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    • Thanks Kris! That’s so true! I’ve never seen so many happy children. I think we were all just so glad the rain finally let up! 🙂

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