You Are My Sunshine

I’ve been thinking about light a lot lately.  Many photographers will throw around the phrases “good light” or “bad light,” when I’ve recently come to realize that all light is good light if you know how to use it.

Of course, the magic hour after sunrise or before sunset is amazing.  There’s an ethereal glow about everything and you can shoot into the light, at an angle, and away from it for gorgeous results all around.  It really should be called “easy light.”

Last weekend, we had a rare afternoon without plans and decided to go checkout the National Arboretum.  Well, fyi to anyone else out there who decides to take the trek up New York Ave in the late afternoon to visit the park, the National Arboretum closes at 5pm.  We rolled up at 5:45.  Man!

So we started driving home, and I was bummed because I had dressed the kids up all cute and brought my camera along.   We ended up deciding to drive back into the city and to check out the National Mall instead.  We found a parking spot right on Constitution between the reflecting pool and the National Monument and stepped into one of the loveliest little unknown parks (at least to us, it was!).  And it was there I found that easy, beautiful, perfect light.

There’s another whole category of light, too – “lucky light.”Storm clouds and sunset


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