Summer Breeze

Summer is my very favorite season.  I love the sun, the heat, the vacations, the time with family, the walks to the park, the smell of sunscreen…  Okay, you get the picture.  Yesterday, it was near 90 degrees outside, today it was in the mid-60s.  😦

Since I love summer so much, you can imagine what my least favorite season is – fall.  Yup.  It’s the furthest possible season from my favorite.  Sure, there are some fun things thrown in there like Halloween and Thanksgiving.  The leaves are pretty and all, but it has a different air to it. Not as carefree as summer.

So I decided to pay tribute to my summer by showing you some family photos that I took, starting with my son’s graduation in June.

Next up, a quick stop in Richmond to see the family and take some photos of my niece in her recital outfit.  Our next stop was the Outer Banks for beach trip #1.  This one was with my in-laws.  Here Chase shares a yogurt smoothie with his cousin, and I can only imagine seeing a similar photo about 18 years from now with different beverages in their hands.  🙂Time for the siblings to play together, too. And the true blessing of spending time with grandparents.The Currituck lighthouse was a great mid-week stop.

Going home after a long day at the beach…Between that beach trip and the next, we had a family reunion (on my mother’s side) down in Richmond.

Oh, it’s time to go to the beach again?  Works for me!At the Virginia Beach pier in early August.

Only a week after spending the weekend at Virginia Beach with my family, we again packed up for a week with friends back in the Outer Banks.

Clara made some great buddies…Whoa!  Where is that girl’s father?!  🙂

One last shot of the ocean. (sigh…)Okay, we’re back home!  Only one more thing to do before Chase starts school, drive 45 minutes in a hurricane to celebrate my nephew’s birthday.  It was a great party and worth the trip.

And well, then school started (see last blog post)!  Goodbye my lovely, beautiful summer.  I will miss you!  Looking forward till we meet again.  Come soon!


3 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

    • It was so great to relive it while I was putting this together! I will have to do this more often! Still waiting for news on Liz! Can’t wait to meet our newest member of the family, and another so close behind! 🙂

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