The Lucky Ones

There’s nothing like feeling like you might die to really make you wanna live, right?  It does put everything in perspective.  I do realize that a 5.8 earthquake is relatively small when you compare it to Japan, Indonesia or Pakistan, but when you couple it with only being a few weeks before the September 11th 10-year anniversary, and only a week after our building was evacuated for suspicious mail, and working only a few short blocks from Capitol Hill, the feeling of your building shaking does not exactly make you think “oh yeah, that’s an earthquake.”

Everyone on my block evacuated.  Correction, everyone in the city evacuated.  Here’s a picture, albeit grainy, that I took from my cell phone of the street beside my office.

As frightening as it was, though, it was also amazing how most of us wanted nothing more than to speak with our loved ones, to be assured that everyone was okay and to share our stories.  After I was sure the fam was okay, I bought cookies.  Okay, lowfat cookies, but I was like, if an aftershock is going to get me today, I won’t care if my pants are a little snug.

Then I survived the Hurricane.  No power outages, only one small limb down in the backyard, and I was able to keep almost all of my plans for the weekend.  This has been an excellent week!  I feel so lucky and blessed!

You know who else should be feeling lucky?  Anne Cather!  She is the winner of the Free Photo Shoot Contest!  She had comment number 40, which the random number generator selected as the winner.  Congrats, Anne!

You know who else should be feeling lucky? Everyone else who entered by leaving a comment on the Time in a Bottle post!  They will each get $50 off their sessions and a $25 print credit if they schedule a session to take place before March 1, 2012!

Thank you so much for entering!  I will be doing more contests in the future, so be sure to set up your email subscription on the Home Page.  You won’t want to miss a post!

Next post will be later this week and chock full of photos!


2 thoughts on “The Lucky Ones

  1. Wow. Thanks I am feeling lucky. I never win anything. We are so excited. Let us know what we need to do.

    Ps my husband Andy knows your hubby

    • Hi Anne! I’m looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks. My husband has great things to say about Andy… said that worked on the Dept of Ed project together way back in the day. Mark and I met when he was on that project! Small world!

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