Time in a Bottle

Read this whole post for a chance to win a FREE photo shoot by yours truly!

This post is a bit delayed because I just returned yesterday from a week at the beach.  Just before I left for vacation, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a workshop by Sandy Puc, renowned family photographer from Colorado.  Of the many things that struck home that night was her sad story of being unable to take photos of her good friend and new baby before her friend passed away.

I am always the one who is behind the camera, storyboarding my family’s lives by way of birthdays, holidays and everydays.  I love to do it.  I want these photos so that I can remember the smell of my baby boy after his very first bath, the way my parents and in-laws dote on my children, my daughter’s laugh.  I sense all of those things through my photos, but what I hadn’t stopped to think about was that these photos are not only for me.  They are for my children and their children.   They will serve as their memories, and by being absent from 99.9% of the photos, will they not remember me?  Will my daughter forget how I sing her to sleep some nights?  Will she forget how I play with her hair?  Will my son forget how I helped him build sandcastles and towers of blocks?  How will they remember if I do not show them?

While I was at the beach, I dedicated a few minutes to take some photos, no, to have my husband take some photos of just me with our children.  Here is my favorite one:

So now it’s your turn to make a pact… all of you, like me, who hide behind the camera and who hate to have your photo taken because you want to lose 5 more lbs or fix your makeup or whatever excuse you have, let’s not erase ourselves from our children’s lives.  Let’s show them that our love isn’t hiding on the other side of the glass.  Let them see us holding them tight, playing with them, smiling, laughing, living life with them.

I’m here to make it easier for you!  I’m giving away a free photo shoot to one lucky family!  The prize includes a free photo shoot and $75 print credit (that’s a $300 value!).  You have four chances to win.  Here’s how:

Entry 1. Like my photography fan page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/rebeccadanzenbakerphotography, then come back here and leave a comment that you liked my page.  (Current fans, just leave a comment that you already like my Facebook page).

Entry 2. Sign up for the Lyrical Photography email newsletter on the right-side of my home page: www.lyricalphotography.net  and leave a comment below that you have done so.

Entry 3.  Post to your Facebook status:  I just entered to win a free photo session by Rebecca Danzenbaker Photography [and tag my fan page] on www.lyricalphotography.net and you should, too!  You must make this a public post by clicking the button to share with everyone.  Then, come back here and leave a comment that you have done so.

Entry 4. Tweet that you have entered to win a free photo session by Rebecca Danzenbaker at www.lyricalphotography.net. Then, (you guessed it) come back here and leave a comment including your twitter name.

I will use random.org to select the comment number of the winning entry next Sunday evening, the 28th.

Fine print: Photo session must take place during the month of September and within a 30- mile radius of 22204 (Arlington, VA).  I will contact the winner on Sunday evening, the 28th of August via Facebook.  Good luck to you!!


51 thoughts on “Time in a Bottle

  1. I already follow your Facebook page, and we would totally come to D.C. for a shoot. I was just thinking how I needed to book you again anyway!

  2. Hi Becky,

    Great post! I love the last paragraph (the pact) – It really hit home. I’m already a fan of your FB page – just posting so that you know (and I get an entry.)


  3. Updated my status with your give-away info. That’ll be it from me… I don’t have a twitter account (but watch our for a tweet from David!)

  4. Becky! Beautiful picture and beautiful message! I have tears flowing and can relate! I love being a follower and seeing how you capture a moment! Crossing fingers for a photo shoot! XXOO

  5. Hi Becky, I signed up for your newsletter and can TOTALLY relate to your article! I’m always the one taking the pics and realized as my one and only child turns six next month, we have very few photos of us together! When I think back now on her infant and toddler stages, that makes me sad!! I would love to have a photoshoot to capture some very special moments before any more time slips away. Thanks for such a great article, it really moved me!

  6. I completely agree with your story about the mom being out of most photos. For me, it’s always because I’m too busy taking care of my family or behind the camera myself! I am going to try to be in more photos with my son and husband.

  7. Becky, love your outreach on this! I’m already a fan on Facebook, but I signed up for the newsletter and posted on my Facebook status as well (3 entries I guess?). Maybe Dennis and I will end up getting engagement photos after all… 🙂


  8. I’m already a fan on facebook. I really liked your latest post. I am bad about getting in the pics with the kids so now I’m inspired to be better about it!

  9. love the blog and particularly about being the one taking th epictures not in them – so true! Signed up for the newsletter, posted on facebook, and like on facebook 🙂

  10. Hi there.. I too am a photographer and I attended the Sandy Puc conference in Richmond. We just went on vacation and I had my mom and dad photo us as a family as I am never in photos with my boys. I basically handed them cameras and said, just shoot lots! Needless to say, the quality wasn’t great but I fixed later and even better I WAS IN THEM!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a “real” photographer shoot my own family like I would. You get the picture!! No pun intended 🙂

  11. I love your latest post! I have thought that about you and me so many times. I work and work on scrapbooks for my boys and can do 20 pages without a picture of them and me. I am almost at the point where I put it on the calendar for Warren to take pictures of me with the kids so that we don’t forget to do it. Some of my most favorite pictures are the ones you took of Cole and I after his frist birthday while you were home with Clara!
    I am a fan of your blog, “I liked” you on FB and posted your info as my status on FB too!

  12. And, I signed up for your email newsletter! I am a friend of Kris and Warren, and LOVED looking through and seeing Bo on your page! 🙂

  13. I “like” your facebook page. I would love a photo shoot of our family. Your work is beautiful.
    Jennifer Richardson Chambers

  14. I also signed up for your newsletter. We’re in Mechanicsville, but would be happy to come up north for a photo shoot. 🙂
    Jennifer Richardson Chambers

  15. Becky, I was already a fan…that goes without saying since I will be seeing you next weekend for a photo shoot! I have signed up happily for your newsletter and made my post to Facebook. I have read your blogs before and have enjoyed them, pretty impressive and photographer and writer…how lucky and gifted!

  16. I “liked” on facebook! Your pictures are amazing and your kids are adorable. I love the one that Mark took..wish I could get my husband to take a beautiful picture like that 🙂

    • LOL! It goes like this… I set up the camera, hand it to Mark, and he holds the shutter button down on continuous capture. It works for us, though!! 🙂

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