Getting to know you…

SWF, one week old, enjoys sleeping in short spurts, pooping, and milk. Seeking someone who will put up with my screaming and will cave to my every whim… Did I mention I’m cute?

Newborn babyThis is little Maddie, only a week old, on the blanket that her grandmother knit for her.  When I was with Maddie and her parents this weekend, I was amazed how calm and collected they were.

Being a bit of an egg head, when my first was born, I had read everything I could get my hands on to learn how to be a good parent.  Every book, magazine and e-newsletter that was available was thoroughly digested and practically memorized.  Then, Chase was born.

I liken it to the first (okay, and last) time I went scuba diving, which was before I had ever even snorkeled.  Thirty minutes of basic instruction on the boat to the dive site, and I knew this was going to be a cinch.  I practiced the techniques outside of the water to the approving nods of the instructor.  Then, I dove in the water, and I. Freaked. Out.  Many of you probably don’t know me, but I assure you that I am not the freak-out type.  I am usually pretty collected and have been told many times that I do well in emergencies, but it was a completely physical response.  My body rebelled against my intellect that was trying to convince my body that it was perfectly okay to breathe under water.

This was much like becoming a parent was to me.  I was prepared, at least I thought I was prepared, but until you have another being relying on you and your body to survive, and not being able to speak with said person, nor being able to get sufficient sleep to have any sort of emotional well-being…  Oh, and did I mention bearing the pain of healing from childbirth and nursing?

So how did I get through it?  Well, to take you back to my diving experience, as shaken and crazed as I was, I also resolved not to give up.  I made it through that dive, but only because the dive instructor held my hand the entire time (what an angel, this man I didn’t even know!).  And much like that, with my first born, I was supported by my husband, parents and in-laws, and explored this new world with determination and fascination.

Here’s another photo of Maddie, with her grandmother (the one who knit her the beautiful white blanket!).  I love that her grandmother has tears in her eyes for the joy of welcoming little Maddie into this world and for being there to help her daughter through this transformational time.

Grandmother with newbornAnd one more… three generations of women who will always love and support one another.

three generations of handsYou can see more photos of Maddie in her Facebook album.


4 thoughts on “Getting to know you…

  1. I love reading these….I just read last weeks too 🙂 So talented. I love the dive story! Great metaphor for becoming a parent. xoxo

  2. I love, love, love these pictures! I think that the picture of Maddie with her grandmother and mother’s hands on her is inspired. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful words and beautiful pictures with us 🙂

    • Thank you, Kate! The idea for all hands together was actually the grandmother’s. She was such a sweet woman and kept getting emotional. I joked with Amy and asked if she was like this at her wedding, and she said yes, but leaving for college was the worst! I know I will probably be a blubbering mess when Chase starts Kindergarten next month.

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