Music to my eyes

When I was a music teacher, one of my favorite lessons was to play a short, one-minute piece of music for my students and then to have them draw an image of what they imagined in their heads while they listened to it.  I would replay it over and over so that their image would become more vibrant, and I loved looking over their art at the end of class to see how we each visualized the piece of music a little (or a lot) differently.

If we can form pictures in our head while we listen to music, doesn’t it make sense that a photo could do the same in reverse?

This blog will pay tribute to photos that play melodies in my head, both photos of my own and those of fellow photographers.  I hope that you will find the photos to be as inspiring as I do!

I consider myself primarily a photographer of babies, children and families, but I’m randomly going to start by sharing two photos of dogs.  I took these during a recent trip to the Outer Banks.

This is Bo.  He’s my BIL’s and SIL’s dog –  an English Lab with diabetes…  Only, we didn’t know he had diabetes when we were there, when I took this photo.  We thought he was simply thirsty and exhausted because he was playing in the ocean so much, when he’s typically, well, lazy.  Two weeks later, he went into diabetic shock.  No, don’t worry, he’s okay now!  But this photo sings differently to me now than it did when I took it.

Below, are Tucker and, to the right, is again Bo, who is getting some rum-&-coke-flavored ice cubes. 🙂

Two very different photos of the same subject, much like two melodies being played by the same instrument.  Do you hear their different tunes?

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to keep re-hashing the music metaphor with each post!)


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